POS Software for Cafe and QSR


Are you looking for the best coffee shop management software? If yes, then your search ends here. DR POS offers the best café POS system (coffee shop management software). By integrating this advanced café POS system into your coffee shop business, you can give your baristas the most convenient, faster, and more accurate way to serve customers. Your baristas can accept orders through smartphones or tablets. Also, then can send the orders to the kitchen on display or tickets.

If you want to focus on creating a smooth operation of your coffee shop business with a unique café atmosphere, then leverage the benefit of DR POS software. The unique and advanced coffee shop management software will do all the jobs, such as order management, inventory management, sales analytics & reports, customer loyalty program, and much more.

Streamline Your Coffee Shop Business with DR POS café POS system

Are you a coffee shop owner? Managing coffee shop business operations, analyzing performances, and responding to customers’ needs can be challenging for every coffee shop owner. It requires a lot of time and effort. Still, chances are high for inaccuracy in accounting and reporting. The good news is that now a coffee shop owner can manage their entire café business smoothly without investing time and effort. How? How you can ensure the smooth operation of your coffee shop business. How you can deliver a rich customer experience. There can be many questions popping up in your mind.

No worries. DR POS offers you the best café management software that will efficiently do a lot of your tasks with accuracy. You will enjoy an improved and smooth business operation with increased customers and sales. Also, the café POS system will generate reports and account details. The clean, attractive, and user-friendly interface will simply amaze you and help you to deliver the best services to your customers. More importantly, the coffee shop management software will keep track of many things and activities. You can generate reports and details by making a few clicks and taps. Further, you can leverage the database of customers and their details to offer them discounts and offers occasionally.

There are many coffee shop management software or café POS systems available in the market. But our POS system stands out from the crowds. This is packed with powerful features and will ensure the smooth operation of your business. It has been developed by a team of in-house software developers and graphic designers. The interface of the admin panel and other screens are very attractive and easy to use. Even a layman can efficiently and accurately use our coffee shop management software.

Features of Coffee Shop Management Software (Café POS System)

Fast kitchen open ticketing (KOT) system: KOT system, sometimes also called the kitchen order management system, is one of the innovative technologies that play a vital role in the restaurant industry. By using this feature, you can get your orders to the kitchen instantly with the KOT display. You can also create, save orders, and send KOT to KOT printers.

Item modifier facility: This is another important feature of our coffee shop management software. You can use this feature to alter or modify an existing item on your menu based on consumer preferences. This is an amazing feature to offer customers customizable options.

Device compatibility: Our coffee shop management software is customizable and will work on all device types, including iPhones iPad, android smartphones, android tablets, laptops, and computers. It will also work well with all types of POS terminals.

Multiple locations: DR POS’s coffee shop management software (café POS system) can be used by several users from multiple locations. It helps users manage business operations effectively.

Multiple payment methods: If you implement our coffee shop management software in your business, you will leverage the benefits of having multiple payment options. You will be able to accept all modes of payment your customers want. We will integrate leading payment service providers so that you can enjoy a seamless checkout experience.

Benefits of Café POS System (Coffee Shop Management Software)

There are many benefits of using our coffee shop management software. Some benefits are as follows:

  • Smooth order management system
  • Receive and manage orders with open tickets (KOT).
  • Send orders to the kitchen immediately.
  • Create many kitchen stations as per need.
  • Single click assignment of the tickets to tables in your coffee shop.
  • Merge, split, and move items between tickets smoothly.
  • Assign tickets to different employees of your coffee shop.
  • Efficient sales organization
  • Customize your menu as per your preferences.
  • Bring popular or most selling items to the first screen.
  • Organize products into categories and put them on separate pages.
  • Create different dining options, such as takeaway, delivery, and dine-in.
  • Apply discounts and taxes.
  • Make notes to the items or to the orders.
  • Manage and track employees and their sales performance.