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The Best POS Software for Retail and Restaurant Businesses in India

DR POS is a retail POS (Point of Sale) system or software developed by DR Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. It is India’s best POS billing software that signifies the way you do billing at your point of sale. It is equipped with advanced features and can be suitable or customized for high-functioning retail and food businesses, such as restaurants, coffee shops, fast food corners, chemists, salons, departmental stores, and retail outlets. That’s all. DR POS can be also customized to the specific requirements of the clients (business owners).

Featuring a plethora of advanced features, DR POS helps businesses add more flexibility to their operations and ensure smooth operation all the time with no downtime. Our POS software will automate your retail and restaurant businesses and offer the smooth, streamlined operation of every activity that will result in a boosted business revenue.

Streamline Your Billing and Enhance Customer Experience

By using DR POS, you will experience a new level of automation in your retail/restaurant business with enhanced customer experience with fast and accurate billing at all times. Our Point-of-Sale software can generate invoices, challans, reports, order forms, and more in a fraction of a minute through a single billing.

What’s more amazing? You just ask for the name and mobile number of your customer and deliver a better customer experience by sharing bills on WhatsApp. And, you know well that this will help you cut printing costs.

More importantly, DR POS will help you track your customers’ purchase history and collect the customers’ details in the blink of an eye at the point of sale. You can maintain customer profiles of frequent customers and can use them to boost your business further or make crucial business decisions.

If you are looking for the best POS (Point of Sale) billing software for your restaurant or retail business, then consider DR POS. We are pretty sure that you will be able to serve your esteemed customers in the most practical and product manners with an improved customer experience. We can customize and add more features based on your preferences and your business requirement.

Find and Sell Your Items Efficiently and Save Time

DR POS (the Point-of-Sale software) lets you leverage the benefits of a powerful combination of billing, inventory management, and business reports. This software boasts the amazing feature of fast search through which you can find your item quickly at the time of billing. This will cut the manual effort to make a sale transaction and save you time.

That’s not all. You will be able to categorize pieces of inventory with a unique serial or batch number, filter them and access inventory reports. In this way, you can efficiently maintain a database of customer preferences and target them accordingly. If you truly want to efficiently find and sell your items, DR POS is just for you.

Monitor Sales Data and Business Reports on the Go

DR POS software helps you get access to sales data and critical business reports on the go. It means you can monitor essential information about the sale and purchase transactions on the go by using DR POS mobile app.

You don’t need to sit on your desk having your laptop. You can simultaneously use this point-of-sale software on multiple window-based and android devices. You can get access to daily and monthly sales data along with other essential reports in a few clicks or taps.

Moreover, you can compare the sales data and create a detailed sales report based on total purchases, transactions, total retail amount, net profit, and gross margin. In short, you will have access to all the critical information about your business, monitor them, and generate reports in a minute even through your smartphone.